My name is Kyung. I was born in Seoul, South Korea … in the not-so-distant past. 🙂 Since then, I’ve lived in 6 countries in the last 20+ years. I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina, moved to California where I spent my youth in Los Angeles, to now finding myself in the most idyllic spot of Cambridge – surrounded by trees and monkey puzzles from my little maker space.

If I’m not spending time in the kitchen, I enjoy sewing things for either myself or around the house. Growing up, I remember watching my parents cut stacks of fabric from their shop in Los Angeles. The fabric will later be sewn and made into clothes that would be comfortable for soon-to-be mothers to wear. I was inspired and they encouraged my learning from watching them work – Magic became something you make.

I began learning about patterns, stitches, construction after graduating from University and getting an internship at a Fashion atelier in Downtown Los Angeles where gorgeous dresses were made. My first mentor’s patience and talent helped me believe in myself through construction, where I found my interest in pattern making.

Meanwhile, I kept a healthy flow of hobbies in cooking that will soon be my survival skills while traveling abroad. I since met my partner from Belgium and moved to…

1. Japan, where we found inspiration amongst the beautiful temples in Tokyo and Kyoto.
2. Belgium, where I developed an understanding for delicate textiles and of course, a taste for good chocolate.
3. England, where I found peace in making everything on my own, from sewing curtains, seat cushions, sofa covers to baking bread and foraging fruit to make chutneys and jam.
4. Korea, where I rediscovered my roots and honed on my skills in pickling / fermentation and appreciation for traditional garments.


* As a result of all the moving, I pack like I play Tetris.
* I’ve graduated at Le Cordon Bleu, London in the interest of baking – I can bake a proper Pâte Feuilletée, if my oven allows.
* There’s no better place for beer, chocolate and fries than in Belgium- Smakelijk!
* I make gochujang (fermented Korean red chili paste) and Kimchi (fermented pickled cabbage). I’m my mom’s daughter.
* Breakfast is the single best meal of the day. Dinner is best shared with family and friends!


After my trial year exploring with take-away meals from my kitchen window (check out my Eats section for a brief taster), I’ve decided to put that to rest for the safety of our neighborhood after it no longer became a secret.

Now that I’m on my own and going full-time as a homebody, I’m exploring other means to satisfy my appetite in fashion and food.

I’ve gone back to working in the technical field in Fashion, learning to draw patterns correctly and making CAD designs for clients in London.

I’m also selling a range of sauces through my new collection Asado Sauce where I offer all natural homemade sauces inspired by my flavor memories from Argentina to stores in Cambridge, U.K.



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