Crossing that bridge

When we get there

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.” I didn’t think I would be asking myself these questions when I first arrived in Songdo. Having left Korea at 3 years old and growing up in a Korean traditional household, I thought that I would fit right in. Naturally, Korea has changed since I left and when I visited here again some years ago.

Meanwhile, so much of us has also changed. We left the community of our close friends and neighbors in the UK who shared their creations and moments in the last 10 years. Like family, we looked after each other. With that said, I didn’t expect to find a community of like-minded individuals within the short time that we’ve lived in Korea. But ever since crossing paths with expats and our new friends here, I’m able to say that we have crossed that bridge and found peace within this community as well.

We continue to find a home in Songdo. We can step into the light as ourselves.

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