Footprints of a Shifting Horizon

Still Stories

Dear Friends,
Allow me to share a story that resonates with the rhythms of change and resilience.
With each cross-country move, I changed jobs not as a pursuit, but rather as a necessary move to keep pace with my partner’s unique and niche academic career.

In the early days, I found myself immersed in the world of fashion as a tech designer. It was a role that allowed my creative spirit to flourish, a canvas for my self-expression. Yet, as we journeyed to new destinations due to job and visa, I discovered that my role was a rare gem, challenging to replicate with each move.

In the pursuit of a dream and relocated to London, I pivoted. Le Cordon Bleu welcomed me into its hallowed halls, where I ventured to become a pastry chef. The vision was to infuse the essence of freshly baked delights into the heart of every village we called home. Each relocation saw me catering and dedicating my heart to this vision, and for a time, it felt like I had unearthed my true calling.

But life, as it often does, whispered unexpected lessons. Multiple trips to the doctor revealed a stark reality—the physical toll of managing my window-front shop was encroaching upon my health. My dream, radiant as it was, proved unsustainable in the long run.

It was during this period, a few years before the world would grapple with the challenges of a global pandemic, that I stumbled upon a newfound passion—photography. It became my sanctuary, offering an outlet from the bustling kitchen and leading me toward the realm of visual storytelling.

Through the lens of my camera, I discovered a fresh voice, a means to communicate beyond the confines of a physical space. Photography became an extension of my creative soul, enabling me to share my unique perspective with the world and I was happy for finding my space again to keep me grounded.

For now, my story is a testament to adaptation and transformation. It underscores the power of pursuing one’s passions, even when life took an unexpected turn. Today, life continues to astonish me, revealing new chapters and creative vistas ahead.