Pandemic-Stricken Immigration

Still Stories

Dear Friends,
Let me take you on a journey—a passage through the pages that unfolded in the midst of a relentless pandemic. It’s a tale of immigration, not as a mere crossing of borders, but as a journey that challenged our very notions of resilience and adaptability.

The world appeared as a place of uncertainty and mystery as I found myself flying for Korea in the heart of this global pandemic. The journey, unlike any other, was not filled with the usual excitement and anticipation. It was passing through many hurdles, PCR tests, vaccination passes, and visa documents, each thread representing a step towards the unknown.

But it was within the cocoon of a 12-day quarantine, in a modest apartment provided by an employer, that the story truly unfolded. With no phone and no Alien registration number to be able to order food, we were cut off from the world outside and left to fend for ourselves. We dined on the contents of our suitcases (canned goods and dried grains), embracing the art of makeshift cooking with camping gear. We wore the same clothes in rotation, a small sacrifice in the grand scheme of life.

In those days of isolation, a simple act like ordering food became an arduous task. Yet, it was in this vulnerability that we discovered the incredible kindness of a lifeline, our Korean family.

Now, as we embark on our life in Korea, we do so with a newfound perspective. We know that future quarantines may beckon, but we are prepared. In these moments, we’ve learned that the essentials of life are simple: an internet connection to stay connected, nourishing food to sustain us, and an ample supply of that humble yet indispensable item—toilet paper.

This pandemic-immigration journey was a test of spirit and adaptability. In the face of adversity, we were able to remain resilient and capable of finding beauty amidst the chaos. So, as we continue our voyage through these uncertain times, we carry with us the lessons learned in the spirit of curiosity and resilience, reminding us that the journey itself continues to be the greatest teacher of all.